Unkown Treasure

For once she wished the mirror could lie to her about her looks. She looked at another of her grey hair and plucked it out. She knew that getting old wasn't going to be fun but these wrinkles just made her sad. While opening some old boxes, she found a picture of herself while a... Continue Reading →


Web Of Fading Light

She had no idea what she was doing or how she came here in the midst of nowhere. The ground underneath seemed broken to her and the fading sunlight felt depressing to her lost soul. She was just walking in this chilling evening, with no destination to reach. This cold winter evening had no effect... Continue Reading →

Unfaithful Illusion

She followed the strange tune that made her think about a party she never went to. She had no idea where this tune was leading her to or why was she following this tune but she couldn't stop. Listening to the tune, she didn't feel like her brain was in her control. She couldn't think... Continue Reading →


Looking at him, standing on her doorstep not only surprised her but also gave her a sense of calmness like their was a burning fire inside her heart that had just cooled down. She should've fought with him or scolded him for betraying her but there was nothing to be said. Yelling at him won't... Continue Reading →

Strange Memories

She should've slept a long time ago but something was keeping her awake. There was an awful feeling inside her that didn't let her sleep. She wanted to get up from her bed and go for a run or something. But at the same time she was feeling too lazy to get out of her... Continue Reading →

Impossible Dreams

She didn't check her phone again and again because she was expecting someone's call or text, she checked it because there was still a bit of hope that he would miss her or text her. There was an uncontrollable urge in her heart to call him and tell him about every crazy dream she dreamt... Continue Reading →

Quietly and Patiently

Looking at his twinkling eyes, she wished to tell him everything she was thinking about. Not only about the way she felt about him but also about her fears and nightmares. His dark, brown eyes had the power to extract all of the truth that she had been hiding behind that smile. Honestly, she was... Continue Reading →

Dedicated Words

There's an essence of him in every story she writes. The pages in which she writes these words smells of him. Everyone could see her compressed tears while reading her stories except him. Everyone could see the sudden lightning in her eyes that occurs the moment she meets him. No matter what she says, the... Continue Reading →

Dark Sunshine

Under the Eucalyptus tree, they talked all night, not always with their eyes. He answered many of her unasked questions with his twinkling, dark brown eyes. He told her about his childhood and how he was the only and most loved child in his family. He was the oldest child in his family and she... Continue Reading →

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