House of Secrets

Looking eye to eye, everything goes hazy and all I can think about is the non existence, us. The call comes and you politely excuse yourself. Talking in a hushed tone with a huge smile on your face, I know it's someone special, someone who makes me feel this strange feeling called envy. I know... Continue Reading →

Bleeding Soul

She hurriedly went inside the hospital and found injured bodies, with blood oozing out, here and there. She went inside the surgery room and started her daily job. It wasn't so bad at the starting but the war had worsened everything. She had almost completed her fifth surgery when her colleague called. She told her... Continue Reading →

Broken Pieces

She spun her body again, hoping to get it right this time but all her hope ended in failure when her knees touched the ground. She got up and tried again and again till the time the floor wasn't wet with her dark, red blood. Her falls was like watching a bird with broken wing... Continue Reading →


The only time I could stop thinking about you is the time I solve maths problems but at times algebra is also not enough to make me forget about your hazel eyes. It would be all okay one day, I give myself hope but all of those hopes are diminished when I smile seeing your... Continue Reading →

First And Last Meet

Under the sycamore tree, is where there first meet happened. He in his torn, ragged clothes and she, in her shining, black dress with rubies and pearls touching her soft, delicate skin. She didn't knew what she was doing there but under the bed of stars, she felt safe until he came. His clothes showed... Continue Reading →


I look at the scars in your face and see the dark red blood oozing out of those tanned, rough skin. 'You should have seen his face. It was fully covered with blood', you say, looking at my tensed face, trying to lessen my worries but you are wrong. How can anyone else's pain dilute... Continue Reading →


Many people came to congratulate her for the amazing show she just gave. When finally she was alone, she sat on the soft, cushioned chair and saw her face filled with make up and glitter. The shiny dress she wore hurt her and the high heels made her legs cry. She thought she she would... Continue Reading →


As I go to bed, I think of the decision that has to be made. I feel your dark brown eyes looking at me as if staring right at my soul. Your voice echoes in my mind and I think about the honey like purity in it. You are as imperfect as I am but... Continue Reading →


He was a lock book and the only key was the night. The night time opened him up somehow and that's when she starts exploiting his pages.  Under the mysterious shapes of the stars, they sat and talked about life. They knew where they were and where they wanted to be. Her eyes gazed on... Continue Reading →

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