He wasn't there but still he was a part of her. She had stopped talking about him but still she thought about him. Everyone else thought that she was recovering.....moving on as they say but she knew that her scars were still bleeding, the only difference was now she had hidden it with a black... Continue Reading →

Simplicity and Past

She calls and texts everyone except the person she wants to talk to most. She looks at her face and see all her imperfections that were unheeded until she fell in love with him. Now, whenever she looks at a mirror, all she finds is scars and pimples. She isn't perfect nor she ever wanted... Continue Reading →

Sour Truth

She had no idea why she went there. Sitting over there, staring at her phone, she knew that she had made a mistake by coming to this party and she wanted to leave but she couldn't. She saw him sitting with those girls, laughing with them. Those girls were flirting with him and he was... Continue Reading →


She looked at the broken dishes lying on the floor. She was exhausted. Her anger had finally cooled down and a storm of tears hit her. She felt a huge lump down her throat but didn't let the tears reach her cheeks. They both looked at each other with flushed emotions. She tried to remember... Continue Reading →

Locked Casket

She got up and stood once again. Her face was filled with sweat and scars. Her body was filled with blood but that was her least concern. Her main focus was on the burning houses and people, screaming with pain for help. The sword in her hand never weighed so much but right now her... Continue Reading →


I read the words but fail to understand them because my mind is wandering in the wilderness of your eyes. After half an hour of trying to concentrate, I give up and finally, close my book and lay down on my soft bed. I think about the last text that I sent to you and... Continue Reading →


She looked at the shining sun, peeking behind the clouds. As the car moved on, she saw various familiar houses. She went through this route to her school everyday but going with him, in his car, had a different experience. They weren't going anywhere in particular but just enjoying the drive on such beautiful day... Continue Reading →


I look out of the car's window to see the raindrops making people wet. The trees were shivering with the cold breeze brought by rain. The clouds were dark grey. There was a boy standing on the corner of the street, under a dead tree, sharing umbrella with a girl. Both of them were in... Continue Reading →

Right And Wrong

She didn't knew where she was but her heart trusted the person standing next to her. He was holding her hand and she knew she was safe. As the blindfold was opened, and the rays of light touched her eyes, she saw many people standing in front of her, shouting happy birthday. She was happy... Continue Reading →

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