Writer’s Crush

Her mind was giggling while her heart was reminiscing. Even though she knew he wasn't the one, She always found herself drowning, sleeping, mingling and clinging to his poetry. His words seemed to tuck her to bed and sing her a lullaby. She knew he wasn't a good man but while untangling his complicated words,... Continue Reading →



Looking in his dark, brown eyes she felt like she knew him. Even though, their eyes first locked only a few days ago, she felt like she could trust him with all of her dark, mysterious secrets that never crossed the walls of her heart. She immediately felt guilty for thinking about trusting him because... Continue Reading →

Vast Love

She closed her eyes and felt the little droplet of water reaching her body, She could hear the waves singing their lullaby, Making her dream a little deeper, a little sweeter, The wind kept on talking with the strands of her hair, Making them dance on her face, sometimes irritating her and sometimes tickling. She... Continue Reading →


With every voice in her head, She knew she should turn back She knew that this wasn't the rightest of paths, but she couldn't stop her legs. Her mind gave her a million reasons why this was a bad idea. But at the end of the path, her heart could see his fading image, So... Continue Reading →

The Richest Man

The day finally came. She looked into his dark brown eyes with a tint of greyishness in them and she felt tears welling inside her. She wanted to stay here forever but she knew she had to leave. This was the last day. She remembered the first time she saw him and his house. She... Continue Reading →

Blooming Stars

Like a lunatic, her mind contained only the thoughts containing him. She went through their chats over and over again, smiling and just wondering about him. When he called her name, her head turned in his direction like a sunflower looking at sunlight, feeling it's warmth. She took deeper breaths when he was around. The... Continue Reading →

Illusory Fairytale

It was 3 A.M. and still her blabbering had not stopped. She was talking about something insignificant and the words in her mouth went scuttering down, making no sense at all. Before picking up the phone, she had promised herself to be a little quiet and sound a little less stupid. It didn't take ten... Continue Reading →

Little More

With every touch, she got a little more addicted. She knew this would happen, that's why she kept a distance but she couldn't resist his charming words anymore. So she gave in and hoped for everything to work out. She liked the way his rough hands gently touch her skin. He listened to her blab... Continue Reading →


She was a complicated human being, they said. Yeah, she definitely was. Always indecisive, always confused. She stood in front of the weak bridge, connecting the daylight and the darkness. She wanted to explore the void in front of her but at the same time, she didn't want to leave the daylight. So she put... Continue Reading →

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