Fight to Lose

There wasn't many words uttered throughout their journey. She was walking silently and at times she used to turn her heard to see him walking while his head was turned downwards, looking at the rough, dirty, old road. She wondered about the thoughts going on his head. Was she one of those thoughts? Or someone... Continue Reading →



He was there with her last night but suddenly, he's gone. She was fed up of this. Sometimes he was there with her and sometimes he wasn't. When he alone with her, he would make her feel like some princess but as soon as someone comes, he makes her feel invisible. Maybe it's just in... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Stranger

She must've been walking for hours 'cause her feet had started hurting but she didn't stop to rest. She was finding something, something important. She didn't knew what it was but it was something that she couldn't live without. It must have been night 'cause there wasn't a ray of light to be seen. She... Continue Reading →

Black Feelings

She knew his eyes were staring at her but she decided to ignore it. She knew he didn't like her habit of always staring at her phone and maybe that's why she was doing it. She wasn't texting anyone or doing something in particular but just staring at it, pretending to read something but in... Continue Reading →

The Light Of Your Memories

With every past memory that her mind thought of, her anxiety increased. She wanted to talk but there was no one to listen her talk about him and all the craziness she was going through. At times she thought about therapy but she couldn't talk about her feelings to anyone, let alone a stranger whom... Continue Reading →


He kept on talking about something she was least interested in knowing but still she didn't say anything. She was thinking about his deep intense, mystifying voice. Although she wanted to say a lot of things to him, she kept quiet and heard him talk about something senseless. She knew that these moments were passing... Continue Reading →


I watch him hide all his feelings under that fake smile and even though I knew something was wrong, I said nothing. His eyes tried to lie but they failed and I could see helplessness in them. I love you and I'm ready to say it for a million of times but you should be... Continue Reading →


They both sat across from each other and looked into each other's eyes. They wanted to talk but there was nothing they could talk about. Once upon a time, they knew everything about each other. Even sleep couldn't stop them from talking for hours. There is something about nights that make a person emotional. In... Continue Reading →

No Value

Walking down the street, she tried to forget about all the things she lost over the past year and start a new journey. There were still scars on her soul but she ignored them and tried to look at the better side. But there was no better side. She was walking down the street with... Continue Reading →

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