The Brightest Mistake

Just that one look, that one hello, that one question was enough to ruin her whole night. The concert went on with that loud music and pushes but this time, she liked those push. She liked it cause it brought her closer to him. She felt his shirt against her skin, filled with softness and... Continue Reading →


The Reason

Under the blue sky, she laid on the yellowish green grass of the top of the hill. She read the last pages of Anna Karenina and one line stuck on her mind. She thought deeply about it and how that line meant and related so much to her own life. And suddenly, she heard her... Continue Reading →

Distant Past

She looked at the world in a little different way. His pictures still affected her, his bffs caption with those people who were once stranger to him still hurt her but she had learned to survive in the midst of everything. She hadn't really forgotten about him, but she had forgotten the feeling of being... Continue Reading →

The one she lost

She takes a deep breath and with that breath tries to let out all his memories and old talks but it doesn't stop. With every thought in her mind, his memories find a way back to haunt her. How badly she wished that things could've changed that day....that somehow she could go in the past... Continue Reading →

Forbidden  Memories

Sitting alone on the roof with some wine and chips, she looked at the stars and how faded everything looked. After a long time, she'd finally got some time for herself. She looked at an old couple passing by. The lady couldn't walk properly so her husband was helping her walk. She smiled at the... Continue Reading →


They talked all night about how things have changed and how they have drifted apart. He said it was because everyone has become so busy in their lives but people make time for the ones they love no matter what. She thought that it was a good idea of texting him and telling him how... Continue Reading →

I Keep Thinking Of You


You are the crack in my bedroom wall I keep staring at. You are the color I saw in my grandma’s eyes before she died. You are everything gone wrong, every knee I scraped on concrete and every tooth I lost to the tooth fairy I once believed in.

You are the hefty weight of dread that sits upon my heart, you are not the heart-break but you are what comes after. After I’ve been bruised beyond repair and you are the sadness I saw on my father’s face when I failed him. You are the lover I’m running from and the stranger I wish I’d never met.

You are the sleep that I never get and the heaviness of every breath. The emptiness of each day and the burning of sunlight collapsing on my skin. With your fingerprints lingering in the edges of my brain, your touch makes my…

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The Boogyman

Behind those dark curtains, lived a boogeyman that she was too scared to face. She was aware of his presence and at times was even curious about his face that he hides behind that black hood but she never tried to unveil his mask. It stayed behind that dark curtain in the morning but as... Continue Reading →

Once Again

There was an uncommon awkwardness between them when they saw each other after ages. They both had a lot to speak, a lot to ask but nobody had the courage to melt down the ice between them that had been formed in the duration of five long years. She wanted to tell him about her... Continue Reading →

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