Alive or Dead

He knew how to shut her out and then reel her back in. He had the perfect timing. He knew when to call her and when to not. He knew how to make her aware of his presence but at the same time ignored her. The moment she felt that she was getting over him, he called and the huge smile on her face destroyed all the work she did oh herself to forget him. He would make sure that he was on her mind and when finally she would forgot him for a second, she would hear his mysterious voice and she would go back to the starting line. Those eye to eye contacts and all those emotions conveyed in those moments made her wonder about the chemistry they shared. They must have been friends since more than five years but when she searched her photos with him, she found none. A part of her knew that she loved him but she was afraid to accept it. ‘Cause she knew that if she accepted the fact that she had fallen for him then everything would just become harder and she would end up falling deeper for him. There was something in him or nothing in him, she didn’t know nor she cared. All she knew was that she was stuck in a swamp that didn’t let her breath. It neither killed her nor let her live. She was living a life that wasn’t dead but at the same time not alive either.


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