Black Hole

Things had changed, she knew but she expected some relations to stay the same. She was hurt and she wanted to scream and tell everyone about it but her old habit of keeping everything inside, was destroying her. She wanted to let it all out. She wanted to call someone and tell all about her pain but she couldn’t find any number to call. The person whom she called at times like this was the person she had fought with. How could her best friend say things to her like this? It had been quite some time since they’d met but she always knew that distance could never break their friendship but things had changed. The way her best friend talked to her was different and her voice seemed so distant. She was keeping things from her and everything had changed. She was feeling lonely for quite some time but the thought of her best friend being with her, made the way a bit easier. But now even when her best friend had left her, she felt all alone. She truly felt lonely and hurt for the first time. She had lost all ways of companionship and all there left was pain which was killing her. Her heart was scarred and she couldn’t bare the pain. Her soul was slowly being killed. She had come a long way from that depressed phase but she felt like she was going back to that black hole. She could see the black hole increasing and growing deeper. That black hole would kill her but she had no choice. The black hole took all her happy memories and left pain and agony as it’s product. 


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