She wanted to go back to that night when they talked whole night on her yard. They talked about their future and past. For the first time, it felt like he was a part of her. Their was no distance between them, that night their hearts were beating at the same pace and for the first time, their thoughts collided. Their was no bottle of wine, but they felt like their hearts were drunk. Remembering that night made her smile but the happiness was soon conquered by pain. It was the past and it can never occur again. It had been a lifetime since that night and both of them had changed a lot since that night but her feelings remained the same. A part of her knew that he would’ve not remembered that night but that time was magical for her. It made her sure of her first love. That night made her a human. For the first time, she felt those feelings that everyone else was talking about. She felt those butterflies in her stomach and when he looked in his eyes, she knew that she was in love. Their was pain in her heart to know that he never felt or will never feel the way she felt for him but she was happy to feel this pain. This pain was the evidence of her being alive, being a human. For a long time, she’d felt numb, oblivious to all feelings she continued her life but finally she heard her heart beat and she knew that it’s all going to be fine at the end. 


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