Fake Shine

The dark blank walls were haunting her. She was the most famous person in the world. The whole world wanted to be with her….talk to her. She had done everything she could do, to achieve that glory and fame and after going through everything, when she was finally standing on the highest peak, she didn’t have a single person to celebrate her achievement with. Out of hundreds of her contact, there was not a single number she could dial at such lonely nights. She screamed and shouted but their was not a single person who heard her pain. Everyone else saw her smile, her glory but when she looked at herself in the mirror all she saw was a lost, destroyed girl who had forgotten herself in the midst of the race for achieving the glittery mirrors. People saw her as a successful actress but those glittery mirrors showed a failed person. Her conscience was still with her but it had no use. She had broken all her limits, crossed all the boundaries to be the superstar but the more she became successful the more she lost her true self. Her fancy dresses and synthetic smile showed the power she held but her dark, lonely eyes showed the miseries she went through. Many calls came to congratulate her but none of them came to talk to her. She wanted to tell everyone that she was real……she was a human but none would’ve understood it. They saw her and judged her but none could’ve understood her fears and insecurities because they weren’t her. All they saw was the glittery mirrors she held and the clothes she wore because that’s what she had become……a barbie doll with a shiny mirror.


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