It must’ve been a dream ’cause she couldn’t remember it any other way. She was listening that same song over again that she had stopped listening a life time ago. It had been twelve years and she thought she’d come a long way from where she had started but the moment she looked at his face, she knew that she hadn’t changed a bit. She had changed her appearance. She was wearing red lipstick with black mascara on her face. All of her makeup faded as soon as she saw him. The strong, confident look in her face vanished as soon as he came closer to her and the old insecurities started creeping in, the way she did twelve years ago. She had changed herself not just physically but mentally too but his voice made her remember that thirteen year old bubbly girl who had died somewhere on her journey to become successful. But only he had the power to bring that little girl back from her grave. With that little girl came her vulnerability and the broken heart. She hadn’t felt this immense amount of pain and happiness since a long time. She thought her scars had healed but they just had a bandage over it. Now, that bandage was opened and her heart was bleeding. She thought that she was strong enough to see him and she was right…..she was strong enough to meet him again after such a long time. What she couldn’t go through again was the goodbyes. Whenever she was with him, she had the best time she could have ever had but each time the farewells became more painful and filled with agony. Every time she tried to mask her feelings and lied to herself but deep down she knew his worth in her life and nothing could change it. She had feelings for him. She could try to oppress her feeling but she couldn’t make them disappear.


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