Simplicity and Past

She calls and texts everyone except the person she wants to talk to most. She looks at her face and see all her imperfections that were unheeded until she fell in love with him. Now, whenever she looks at a mirror, all she finds is scars and pimples. She isn’t perfect nor she ever wanted to be but life brought such twists that now she cannot help but want to be perfect…..perfect for him. Up until a few months ago, love was just a mysterious feeling that she was curious but at the same time afraid to feel. And now, that this feeling finally hit her, she can’t help but see herself detoriating piece by piece. She feels unworthy…..insecure about herself……the way she never felt before. Her eyes showed all her insecurities but as always…..she never showed her true feelings to anyone. The soltitude was slowly breaking her apart and all she wanted was to go back in her past when everything was not that complex. She wanted to be a two year old kid again when everything was simple in her small but beautiful life.


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