Sour Truth

She had no idea why she went there. Sitting over there, staring at her phone, she knew that she had made a mistake by coming to this party and she wanted to leave but she couldn’t. She saw him sitting with those girls, laughing with them. Those girls were flirting with him and he was enjoying the attention. She felt so ordinary and insignificant among these people, who just went on parties day and night and pretended to be cool but in reality had no involvement in real life and had no thoughts of future. She wondered about their future and could only see them having an insignificant degree and marrying a rich guy who would fulfill all their wishes. These so-called cool girls had no vision for their future and for a second she actually felt pity for them. Those girls were laughing loudly again. She looked at them sitting so close to him….for a moment she actually felt jealous but she subsided that feeling from her heart. No doubt she wanted to be the girl he was sitting with, laughing with but she had more important things in life. Jealousy is not a part of her and will never be. She was in love with him but wanting to be a part of his life was a vice that she couldn’t afford to have right now. She wanted to achieve things, to leave a mark on this world, to do something great, be something great and spending time with him and on these senseless parties was only obstructing her path from achieving her goals. She knew all of this but then what was she doing here? She didn’t came to be a part of this birthday party and her best friend was also not coming then why was she here? She told herself that it was because the birthday girl might not feel good but deep inside she knew that she didn’t care about anyone. She just went there to spend some time with him, to talk to him but his lack of attention towards her was giving her pain. She wanted to be the girl he had fallen for but she knew that she will always be her friend who is always there to support him and spend time with him when he is getting bored. She is just a friend and the truth couldn’t have been more sour.


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