She looked at the broken dishes lying on the floor. She was exhausted. Her anger had finally cooled down and a storm of tears hit her. She felt a huge lump down her throat but didn’t let the tears reach her cheeks. They both looked at each other with flushed emotions. She tried to remember the crazy time when she felt butterflies down her stomach when she saw him. He made her feel nervous, a bit insecure. He was the centre of attention…..the lime light. He was always the drunk one but she was sober. In the back of her mind, she knew that their relationship was impossible and finally, the worst had hit her. Now, everything was broke and she  couldn’t bend down to pick up the broken pieces. She knew that if she stayed there one more second, this will be the end of her. The moment she had fallen in love with him, she knew that this will destroy everything that she had constructed in her life but her love and desire for him overcame her conscience and she forgot about all the eleven dimensions of the world and after a long while, surrendered to her heart’s desire. Now, here she was standing in front of him with broken dishes on the floor. At times she doubted his feelings for her but she couldn’t bear these insecurities anymore. She got up and left that house forever but a part of her was left behind… had been with him since she first developed a crush on him. She could never had it back, she knew, but if she stayed with him she would’ve lost all of herself and would end up in that dark cage filled with loneliness.


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