Locked Casket

She got up and stood once again. Her face was filled with sweat and scars. Her body was filled with blood but that was her least concern. Her main focus was on the burning houses and people, screaming with pain for help. The sword in her hand never weighed so much but right now her tired muscles were unable to carry the weight of their own body lest the weight of the sword but as usual she pushed herself till she wasn’t dead. She raised her sword and ran towards the burning city of peace. Today she would die either with her people or by saving her people. She looked at a little girl, crying between the leap of burning flames. She picked the little girl and by the time they reached a safe place, the poison had already penetrated through her body. The little girl watched this brave, muscular woman cry. Tears rolled down her muddy face. Her mind was going through several thoughts. She remembered her father with his grey hair and the sweet touch of her brother. She thought about all the fun and sad memories shared with her friends but at the end her mind thought about the person that never belonged to her. She thought about his tender touch and his dark brown eyes. Her mind wandered about his laugh and his flirtatious jokes. Her last breath contained the fragments of his memory and all the pain those memories gave her. He had always been there hidden in a locked casket inside her heart. At the end moment of her life, she finally opened the closet and after a huge amount of time, let the salty water flow from her eyes.


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