She looked at the shining sun, peeking behind the clouds. As the car moved on, she saw various familiar houses. She went through this route to her school everyday but going with him, in his car, had a different experience. They weren’t going anywhere in particular but just enjoying the drive on such beautiful day in this beautiful weather. As the velocity of car started increasing, she pretended to be afraid but honestly, she wasn’t because a part of her trusted him and even if they would’ve died that day, it wouldn’t be that bad to die with him, the first love of her life. Although her thoughts were quite loud, he was unable to hear it. She pretended to be normal, but none of her organs were normal when she was with him. His presence brought a shine in her eyes and smile to her lips. It wasn’t a big deal for him, she knew but her face shone as always. Her heart refused to act normal and increased its pace when she saw him. She tried not looking at him but her eyes, subconsciously, were stuck on his face that seemed perfect to her. She didn’t want to be that crazy in love kind of girl but, unknowingly, she had become like the rest of them. She constantly talked about him and blushed at his name. She knew she had to get over this as soon as she could but right now she was enjoying the moment too much to think about it. She might have made a millions of promises to herself about staying away from him and she tried her best to forget about him but all her attempts ended in failure when his caller ID was shown in her phone. She shouldn’t have gone out with him, she knew. This might make her scar deeper but she her uncontrollable feelings pushed this thought aside as soon as she came. ‘I should go away’, she thought, ‘but till the time I don’t reach home, let’s enjoy this time.’


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