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I look out of the car’s window to see the raindrops making people wet. The trees were shivering with the cold breeze brought by rain. The clouds were dark grey. There was a boy standing on the corner of the street, under a dead tree, sharing umbrella with a girl. Both of them were in school uniform, talking with huge smile on their faces. The girl looked nervous but happy in her two ponytails. They were talking more with their eyes than their mouths. I checked my phone but there were no missed calls or messages. This weather makes me anxious ’cause I know that anytime you can call and ask me to go on a drive. I think of calling you but soon second guess my decision. The thought of me being with you gives me a happiness that I’d never felt. The thought of spending time with you gives me a strange satisfaction. I know that being with you will make me fall deeper and deeper in this strange dream but I can’t help and lose myself when I’m with you. You’re the cure and the poison to the fever I’m in. As soon as I’m ready to stand up again, you knock on my door and I let you in. I say that I hate you but my eyes clearly define my lies. There’s no need for me to pretend ’cause you can read my heart like an open book but I still try to hide. I hear my phone ringing, and my face glowed but everything ended in vain when I saw the caller ID and it wasn’t you. My heart felt like the dead tree under which the young couple was standing. I felt as lifeless as the tree.


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