Right And Wrong


She didn’t knew where she was but her heart trusted the person standing next to her. He was holding her hand and she knew she was safe. As the blindfold was opened, and the rays of light touched her eyes, she saw many people standing in front of her, shouting happy birthday. She was happy to see them but her eyes were not satisfied. She searched the whole room, looking for the missing one but couldn’t trace him. “He’s running a little late. He’ll come soon. Till then, enjoy the party”, Emi said while still holding her hand. He always knew what she was thinking. Her unsaid words always reached his ears. It made her conscious at times but she knew those words and thoughts are never reaching anyone else’s ears other than Emi’s. It had been an hour but the person she wanted to meet had still not appeared. “Aren’t you going to dance with me?”, Emi asked. “Sure”, she said. He took her waist in his warm hands and gazed at her dark, brown eyes. Their were no words said. They danced, with their eyes locked on each other’s face. She wondered how he could succumb all the agony from her life. “Can I steal her?”, the much awaited sound finally touched her ears. She turned around and held his hands. She finally saw the face that she had waited to see for so long. His rough hands held her hands tightly and their bodies went with the sweet melody. “I’m sorry I was late”, he said. “It’s okay”, she said. This sorry meant nothing for her. It wasn’t the first time he had been late and it wouldn’t be the last time, she knew. She looked how beautiful the whole party was arranged and looked around to see Emi who had done all these decorations. He was standing at a corner with a sigh in his face. She wondered why she her heart failed to fall in love with the right guy instead of falling in love with this wrong guy. But heart wants what it wants. There are no reasons.


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