House of Secrets


Looking eye to eye, everything goes hazy and all I can think about is the non existence, us. The call comes and you politely excuse yourself. Talking in a hushed tone with a huge smile on your face, I know it’s someone special, someone who makes me feel this strange feeling called envy. I know who you are. I know you better than anyone. They try to comprehend you but they never can. You try to hide yourself and show a different person. You are as vulnerable and sensitive as I am but you have covered your heart with stone walls to hide your secrets and lies from everyone. But you can’t hide them from me… matter how much you try to conceal your true self but I can read your dark brown eyes that sings every tale of woo that can’t be said with words. The secrets and lies that you try to bury them are indestructible. I see that lonely guy behind this superficial smile. I know where you keep all your secrets. Try to hide it but I’ll find it. You try to be the cold hearted person but you can’t run away from yourself. You are the kind person whose heart breaks when someone gets hurt but you lie. That someone special you are talking to will never know who you really are. The house of lies you have built is going to fall. The black mask that you wear isn’t going to stay forever. I can look through you and I know that this isn’t going to be forever. You and your special one is never going to last because she doesn’t know the real you. I have seen you….all through your ups and downs and I know all your secrets and lies that she’ll never know.


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