Bleeding Soul


She hurriedly went inside the hospital and found injured bodies, with blood oozing out from here and there. She went inside the surgery room and started her daily job. It wasn’t so bad at the starting but the war had worsened everything. She had almost completed her fifth surgery when her colleague called. She told her she was busy but her colleague told her it was an emergency. She finished the surgery as soon as she could and went outside to find her worst fears come true. She moved him inside the surgery room as soon as she could. She put her mask onn and did what she was supposed to. Her hands were shaking but seven years of her studies could not fail right now at such a crucial moment. She saw his dark brown eyes and felt his hard, blood-filled hands touching her skin. His face was indecipherable but his eyes had the same beauty and warmth in them. Everybody knew about her unconditional love for this brave soldier that was lying in front of her except him. She was afraid and nervous but she had to do it. She did her best but he was badly injured. He took his last breath in her arms and left this world with a smile. Her face were filled with salty water that felt like tears and heart was filled with an agony that felt like someone took her heart out. There was a hole in her chest but she couldn’t stop….not right now. The major came and asked her to go home but seeing the wounded bodies, her wounded soul had to be kept aside. So for the last time, she thought about him, wiped her tears and went inside the surgery room to do what she was supposed to because love and agony fails to matter more than people’s lives.


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