Broken Pieces


She spun her body again, hoping to get it right this time but all her hope ended in failure when her knees touched the ground. She got up and tried again and again till the time the floor wasn’t wet with her dark, red blood. Her falls was like watching a bird with broken wing trying to fly. For a moment, she took a break ’cause she knew that if she didn’t, she’ll have to go back to the hospital. So, she sat there with the sad melody going on that reminded her of her first dance with him. He was the only reason she started to dance and now, when he has left, dance is the only thing that remains with her. He had gone from this place but his scent….his memories are still stuck here. Her mind forbids her to think about the black poison that broke her heart but she knew he was the only cure to her bleeding scars. She put some bandages on these superficial scars on her knees but how would she put bandages on her bleeding heart which was giving a million times more pain than these little scars on the knees? She’ll get over it, she thought and once again got up to complete that awaited spin. She left him in that forest of darkness like he left her in this life of broken heart and spun beautifully like a poetry and didn’t end up on ground because this time her heart knew that it was on his own, he won’t come to pick her up when she falls.


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