The only time I could stop thinking about you is the time I solve maths problems but at times algebra is also not enough to make me forget about your hazel eyes. It would be all okay one day, I give myself hope but all of those hopes are diminished when I smile seeing your caller ID on my phone. Every time I assure myself that I’ll get over you, you text me or call me and my heart falls for you all over again. But the agony is when my poor, little heart realizes that you don’t belong to me. It’s messed up really badly and we can’t go back to how we were. I try my best but these feelings won’t let me survive with our friendship. So, there’s this decision I make that will most probably never going to be executed. But at least I take my first step to stay away from you but in the end, I’m going to meet you tomorrow and find myself in the same web of feelings, I was in yesterday. I fear that I’ll be the same heartbroken girl in future that I’m today, so these steps are needed to be taken. I can’t roam in the wilderness of your eyes anymore. I will burn all our memories if that’s what it will take for me to go be back to myself. It’s time for me to move on, and if our friendship is what it takes, I’m ready to sacrifice it ’cause if I don’t sacrifice you right now, I will sacrifice myself in this journey. So I’ll choose myself over the painful love that’s slowly killing me.


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