First And Last Meet


Under the sycamore tree, is where there first meet happened. He in his torn, ragged clothes and she, in her shining, black dress with rubies and pearls touching her soft, delicate skin. She didn’t knew what she was doing there but under the bed of stars, she felt safe until he came. His clothes showed that poverty was in abundance for him but his eyes told a different story. She looked at him curiously with those big, shiny, brown eyes. She should’ve felt afraid to be with a stranger, so late at night, all alone but something about him felt trustworthy. There was a strange course of feelings that took way in their hearts that was never felt but none of them uttered a word. They stood there under the sycamore tree with the moonlight showing their faces. They both were curious about each other but none said anything. Maybe it was because of the difference in their social classes that was quite apparent with their dresses or maybe because of their lack of interest in talking. They both laid down unaware of the whole universe and felt an unexpected comfort in that soothing silence. They laid there without talking or thinking, just listening to the cricket’s sound. For the first time, she was away from everywhere, alone with a stranger and she felt all her comfort over here. Maybe there was something in the air that made all her worries go away or it was the appeasing eyes of the stranger. Or maybe she lived in the moment for the very first time because she knew that this night will end soon and the next day again, she’ll have to go back to her troublesome life. But she knew that this hidden, sycamore-meet will always be remembered by her.


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