I look at the scars in your face and see the dark red blood oozing out of those tanned, rough skin. ‘You should have seen his face. It was fully covered with blood’, you say, looking at my tensed face, trying to lessen my worries but you are wrong. How can anyone else’s pain dilute my pain? My tears can’t be avenged with his blood. All of this fights, the punches you take is for whom? My heart’s grief deepens looking at all these scars in your face. What do you want to prove? Your bravery, your courage? If you are brave….if you have courage… it with love not with hate. You want to prove that you’ve grown up….you’re the bad boy…..the undefeated guy who can have the whole world by showing your power but power is not a virtue. Virtue is that which stays after power. Being tough, merciless, stone-hearted is what you think is bravery but the truth is kind-heartedness, loving, crying after hearing someone else’s pain is what makes one brave. I know there is a soft, sweet, true person underneath this black mask who is dying to come out but these walls suppress him. Cherish that person ’cause that is the true you….don’t be that cold, fake person with blood in his hands. Love the world and cherish all its beauty because all these scars may fade away one day but the in the end you will lose the good guy in you who always felt guilty when there was a bruise on someone’s face caused by you.


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