Many people came to congratulate her for the amazing show she just gave. When finally she was alone, she sat on the soft, cushioned chair and saw her face filled with make up and glitter. The shiny dress she wore hurt her and the high heels made her legs cry. She thought she she would be used to this pain when she first dressed up in this way but she never did. She once again put on that old song, washed her makeup and opened the old letter that still smelt of jasmine. She had memorized that letter a long time ago but still every night after every show she laid in her PJs and and read that purple letter with a smile on her face, like reading it for the first time. There were only few words written in the letter, ‘I really like you….just the way you are.’ but for her it meant everything. She pictured the sender of the letter and wondered where he was. She even tried to call him once but hung up the phone as soon as he picked up. She looked herself at the mirror without any makeup and saw all the imperfections she hides everyday with all the foundation and eyeliner that he loved. There were millions of people who want to be like her but right now, she didn’t want to be like her. Looking at the mirror, she tried to search the simple, messy, tender girl that he liked just the way she was but that girl had long died between these uncomfortable dresses and fake people. She was someone else, a fake, broken girl who is always hard on herself. Would he still like her? she wondered. No! She thought. He liked that bubbly, sweet girl who cried at seeing others pain although she didn’t like to show it, not this fake, rude, hollow girl who don’t even know who she is anymore. She missed him in a way but to reach the heights she had reached, she had to leave him at the turning point but now she wondered if leaving him was worth it? Because she not only left him at that point but also left a huge part of herself.


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