500575ab310ac6ad419f7c1da0f81052.jpgHe was a lock book and the only key was the night. The night time opened him up somehow and that’s when she starts exploiting his pages.  Under the mysterious shapes of the stars, they sat and talked about life. They knew where they were and where they wanted to be. Her eyes gazed on his truthful eyes and sighed. How badly she wished that she would’ve come before that girl, he constantly talks about! She wanted to tell him so much but was afraid to hear the words she expected to hear. There were so many differences between them but feelings are oblivion to all of them. He pretends to be over her but his eyes are a way to his heart and she knows how to read it. And the only name written on his heart is hers. She wished she could rub that name and write hers but unfortunately, that name is engraved, it can’t be rubbed off. She can’t believe she had turned to become one of those heartbroken people but who knows where the destiny will take us. Her heart aches when she hears the engraved name leaving his mouth but she knew that she can’t change anything. Things will go the way they want to. Under this bed of the stars, she wished to be a part of him but he was already in the chains of the that girl’s love, just like she was the slave of his love.


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