Eternal Me

time does not exist - old pocket watch and book.jpg

Feeling the summer breeze touching my face, I look at your eyes. They are staring at her beautiful body……their curves, their imperfections that you find perfect. She is laughing with some other guys and I know how badly you want to be one of those guys. It’s hard, I know, the look in your eyes says it all. There’s a pain….an agony…….that strikes your heart in two. I could feel that pain… my bones, in my chest, the pain that you are feeling. I shouldn’t be here, I think. This is your love story….who am I to interfere in it? But I feel like I’m standing in a bog. I struggle to come out of it but I just sink deeper and deeper. I hate triangles but unfortunately, I’m stuck in one of them. I feel like running away from these feelings, but my legs aren’t enough to beat them. At times, I wish to tell you everything……to get this burden off from my heart but who am I kidding? I will never have the courage to tell you not because we may lose the friendship that we have but because I’m afraid to see your reaction after it. You say you’re over her but I know that deep inside there’s a box of feelings for her that you try to lock but you can’t find the key. There isn’t enough words through which I can convey my feeling but they are all I have. I can see the brightness in your face when she talks to you. It shines like the morning sun. I wish I could be the one bringing the shine but I’m not her. I’m not the girl who can make your heart cheer, the way she does. It’s just me….eternally me.


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