Maybe (Revisited)


Maybe we will meet someday after a long time in a different city or in a different country. Maybe we’ll break into each other and with a smile say ‘hello’. Maybe we’ll plan to go out for dinner and I’ll try to look my best for it. Maybe we’ll start with some wine and talk about the usual stuff like our jobs and lives. Soon, we’ll go to the main course and find ourselves talking about old times. Maybe, we will start laughing, remembering those old days and how stupid we used to be. I’ll let my walls down and go back to the thirteen year old me.

Our talks will go on like a melody and even after years it will be a wonder how easily we could connect with each other. Maybe we will start laughing about something that we did years ago and we’ll laugh for quite some time. Suddenly, a contending silent would fall upon us and we would just smile and stare at each other, thinking about our old lives and why we never called each other after that party.

Sweet, slow music would be going on and you’d ask me for dance. Maybe I would maintain some distance at first but as the music would go by….I would’ve come closer to you just like I did back then at that party. Soon, we would be dancing , our eyes lost in each others and we’ll just forget about everything and just dance. It would be like time hasn’t gone by. We’ll look at each other and would try to remember how we looked at those times, wearing school uniform.

Suddenly, a phone would ring….disturbing the soothing silence. It would be one of your friend’s phone. You’ll excuse yourself and go out. I would sit back and stare at the window and, suddenly, all those sour memories would rush back to me. I will realize that I would be falling for you all over again, that I was breaking my vow of never letting you in.

You will still be the same person I stopped talking to when I was thirteen and I’ll still be the same person who suffered instead of you. Maybe, I would remember that you have always been the popular kind of guy, who was a friend to everyone and I was that girl who had few friends but loved them more than anything. Maybe,I would realize my insecurity and would know that neither are you going to change and nor am I. Time would have changed, place would have changed but the situation would be the same.

Soon, you’ll come back and apologize for the delay and I’ll pretend like I didn’t care at all. Maybe, I would lie to you that it was getting late and it was time for me to go although it would’ve been just 11 o’clock. Maybe you’ll insist me to stay but I’ll gently deny and leave as soon as I could. Maybe, we’ll hug while leaving and the hug will last for only a few seconds but I’ll wish that it would last forever. We’ll both take cabs and go our separate ways, pretty much knowing that we will never meet again and yet, this time again, I’ll be the one leaving with a broken heart. You’ll be busy with your millions of friends the next day or maybe you’ll miss me but won’t show as I didn’t.

Maybe, after reaching home, I’ll start to listen some sad songs which I hate but can never resist. Maybe, I’ll ponder over those old  memories  for a while. And the next day, we both will be busy with our lives and that dinner will be locked in that box of old memories that are opened only on a restless, lonely night.


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