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Seeing sadness in her eyes, his heart gave a knock. It felt like a dead man’s heart had revived again. He felt a feeling that he thought had curbed inside him. He had lost interest in seeing people, they just bored him and proved that they were fake but meeting her had brought a sudden shine in his expressionless face. He felt like the contended fields after the first rain. Part of him felt guilty to be happy at her sadness. He always wished for her to be happy but deep inside he also wished that that happiness would be with him and this sad eyes evinced that his absence had deprived her of happiness and she missed him. True love is being happy in other’s happiness but he didn’t feel this way. Does that meant that he didn’t love her? No, that wasn’t possible, he loved her with every cell in bis body. He didn’t want to go and meet her after these several years but deep inside his heart, he wanted to see if she was happy with her marriage or not and those sad eyes manifested everything. He wanted to make this sorrowful creature go back to the gleeful girl she was before like furnish the parched lake with infinite droplets of water. She may never become a part of him but for these few days, he wanted to make her the radiant, sunny girl which she used to be. Seeing her like this, it feels like it was a lifetime before she had actually laughed and he was adamant to bring that forgotten girl back.


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