As he enters the room full of people, his heart starts pounding. There were a lot of people whom he knew but no one was worth talking to. Some had came there to make contacts and some, to maintain their contacts. But why was he here? Neither he wanted to make contacts with such fake people nor did he wanted to maintain them. People started coming and wishing him, trying to make a conversation with the most successful businessman of the year but got tired with his low enthusiasm. It was clear that he was bored but who cared. He looked at the last message sent by her. She wished her a happy birthday but without any smiling emoji neither did she made any plans with him, making apparent that it was all over. He thought it was a sore patch but now it seemed much more worse than it. He felt like going over and clearing all the misunderstandings but he knew that she had made her decision and nothing will change her mind. She is supposed to and she will be wed tomorrow night. But he didn’t cry because he knew that there was no point crying over spilt milk.


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