PinnaclesGalaxy_Goh_2400 (1).jpg

Sitting in the passenger seat, watching the trees go by, she thought about the beady necklace symbolizing God given by her mother. Her heart was racing faster than light. She wasn’t sure about her decision until her mother gave her her blessings. She knew where she wanted to be but wasn’t sure about how to reach there. She took out her mother’s present and held tightly in her hand while chanting God’s name. She wasn’t a religious person but when hard times come everyone needs support. She had been in trains before but never alone. Seeing a couple holding hands and talking with huge smiles on their face, she thought about the day when they went to the fair. At the end of the day, they went on top of the lighthouse and stood there holding there hands. They must’ve looked just like this young couple. She didn’t knew where she would go after this train reaches its destination. She had no idea where he was but she knew that they didn’t meet for no reason. They met to build a future together and there was no way she was leaving him even if it took an infinite years to find him. She saw the twinkling stars and saw it felt like this was it. She had doubted her decision interminable times but something inside her told her that she had to fight for him. She would travel the whole milky way to find the place where she belonged, with him. She knew he would’ve done the same. There was something in the air that made her feel confident about her decision and she knew that she will make her way.


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