Seeing her eyes for the last time, he tried to remember how she looked when the first time he saw her. With age, his memory had weakened but he could never forget the way she looked when he first saw her. She ran with her curly hair swaying in the wind and the blue sweater looking perfect on her skin but what stood out the most were her light brown eyes. With time, her body changed but her eyes remained the same, maintaining its purity.Those eyes were dead now but he was still fascinated with them. He held her cold, insensible hands wishing the departed warmth in them would come back. His eyes were sad but he didn’t cry. Those tears in his eyes were dried from a long time. He just sat there looking at her expressionless face, with a heavy heart. He knew someone would come soon to take her beloved and she would be gone forever. He would never be able to touch her soft hands and would never be able to look at those brown eyes ever again. The thought of leaving her scared him but he knew that she would wait for him until he live his last day and they will embark their after-life journey together. They came and covered her face. He sat there wishing she would come back and surprise her like she always did and she came in her dreams with a very happy smile and he was contended to see the unforgettable smile of hers.


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