Wants And Needs

Man walking in sunset

He was finally there…..the peak that he always wanted to touch was now under his feet. The people around him were shouting his name. His head was a bit dizzy but he could see around.

He smiled to see everyone cheering him but when he looked around the stadium to see a familiar face, he saw none. He was proud of himself but when he looked around, he understood that no one else was. There were people around who were cheering for him, his fans but the person whose smile mattered most to him was not there.

What was the point of all this? He had everything at that moment….money, awards, fans etc but at the same time he had nothing. He was the richest and the poorest person at the same time.

It had been a hard journey from streets to this red carpet and he had lost many people on the way but now, when he had reached his destination, was it worth it?

The moment that was supposed to be happiest turned out to be the saddest. After the ceremony, he went to a place where he hadn’t been in years. He just sat there and looked at the moon, laughing at his miseries. The waves were telling him about all his mistakes. He shouldn’t have let her go. He should’ve stopped her but it is too late, now. There was no profit in shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

‘She would be happy now with her husband and kids. But does she think about me?’, he thought. He wished her soft, sweaty hands would be in his hands. He missed the way she looked at him with her big, brown eyes. The day she walked away, he not only lost her best friend but also his first fan.

Suddenly, people started surrounding him and started taking pictures of him. A black car came and his manager got off it. He was asked to get in the car. He did as they said and walked back to his old life that was going on without any love and happiness just like a robot. He was used to this kind of life but her arrival had changed everything and now, all he wanted was an ordinary life with his lost love. But life seldom gave second chances and his future didn’t seem lucky enough. So he sat in the one of the most expensive cars, with billions in his bank account and a trophy in his hand, mourning about the one that got away.


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