Pleasant Nightmare

She woke up with a screech. Her heart started running faster than a bullet train. She could feel butterflies in her stomach. Her heart was pounding so hard… felt like it will come out. She saw the time…it was three in the morning. She tried to calm her nerves but the pictures of the dream denied to leave her eyes.

It had been five years but nothing had changed. She felt like she was running in a treadmill. No matter how much she tries to run….she ends up in the same place. Her past had caught a hold of her.

She couldn’t believe she saw him. Her longing had reached to such an extent that even her dreams contained him. Wherever she went, he was always there, watching her. She felt guilty for leaving him that day but she had no choice. It was him or her family and she did what her conscience told her.

She made a cup of tea and sat on the old, dusty sofa and tried to remember her dream. She was on the beach with her family. Her husband had gone to park the car while she sat on the beach with her two small kids. This beach brought so many memories that were unavoidable. She could see herself walking on the wet sand, holding his hand. Suddenly someone came from behind and touched her shoulder. She turned around and saw him.

She was quite startled to see him at first but seeing him made her heart joyful like a peacock on the first rain.  They talked with a smile that contained both, happiness and sadness. Suddenly her husband came. She introduced him to her husband. ‘We should go’, her husband said. His eyes had a sudden anger. ‘But we just came’, she replied. Her heart didn’t want to leave. She had met him after a lifetime, the thought of leaving him scared her. ‘We’re going home right now’, he ordered.

She wanted to listen to him but her legs refused to leave. He ordered again. This time she knew she had to leave. As soon as she stepped up to go, someone caught her hand. ‘Don’t go’, he said. ‘Leave my hand’, she ordered. ‘Please….come with me. We need each other….Please. There’s still time’, he asked her. Her heart melted. She had been waiting for this question since a long time. Last time she didn’t listen to him but this time, her heart didn’t listen to her and she gave in.

She forgot about her children….husband everything, the moment she saw him. The thought of it scared her. For some reason, she felt like she was betraying her family. Even seeing a dream like this was like backstabbing her children. She wondered if something ever happened like this, would she leave her family?

Oh no! She can’t do that but even though she pretended to hate that dream, seeing him, even in a dream, brought a forgotten joy to her sad heart.


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