The Supporter

She looked at him but he was staring at the leaves of the tall, dried, dead tree. She knew how he felt at that moment. Honestly, she was feeling the same. They both sat there in silence, assisting their broken hearts in keeping afloat. His eyes showed pain that she felt in her heart. But she hid her sadness under the blanket of smile because she knew that if he asked about her pain, she wouldn’t be able to lie. He thought that he was the only one with so much grief but he didn’t knew how many people were in grief to see him like this. She was always the supporter who helped him in his pain. She didn’t want to do this but her heart didn’t give her a choice. He went on and on, talking about the girl, totally oblivious to her feelings. It hurt her to listen about her crush talking about his crush. She wanted to end this but whenever he came in front of her, her legs weren’t in control. She wondered if he’ll ever get over on his crush or will she ever get over him. Both the answers were negative but she had to be positive if she didn’t want to sink. She wanted to burn down the bridge that connected them, but it wasn’t possible. She hoped that once she will leave this place, she will forget about him and be with someone else but deep down her heart had screamed the truth. She wondered in her whole life, will she just be a supporter?


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