Her eyes were like an open book

It said everything

that her mouth was too afraid to tell.

Anyone could understand her feelings

except the person she wanted to know.

She wanted to shout

louder and louder and tell everyone

but she stopped midway

and came back into reality.

It was the heartbreaking truth that made her feel the pain

but she was strong enough to face it.

She never imagined it but she had to accept the reality,

she was in love with someone

who didn’t love her back.

She woke up everyday longing for the only person

who she can’t have.

She was the queen of herself yesterday

but this love made her the servant.

She was the slave of her first love.

Those feelings made her break every rule, every principle

and she saw it, saw her heart breaking piece by piece.

But she stood up with all the leftover strength

with her head held high.



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