They must have fought for at least an hour. The duration has started increasing. Would that be called improvement in their fighting skills? It is more of a one-sided fight. He is the one to yell and she is the one to listen and cry. His mood would be off at the smallest things and even though she tries her best, she can never be good enough. Her beauty and the fear of law is the only thing keeping her alive. If he would have been the king, she would’ve been dead by now. With time, her beautiful, shining eyes lost its beauty. The constant fighting, crying and stress made her dark circles more abrupt. But her sad eyes made her more interesting and alluring. She was a diamond trapped in devil’s neck. Everyday she wished to return to her old life but how could she? But she didn’t had anywhere to go. She was a helpless woman whose heart was still naive and pure. She hadn’t seen the whole world yet and she was afraid. When she looks at children laughing and playing, she thinks about her own childhood. How badly she wished she could have those childhood days back! Being the youngest sister was normally a good thing but for her it was just the opposite. She was the unnoticed girl, who was engaged to a stranger as soon as she was born. Her future was written before her birth. Childhood days were supposed to be beautiful but for her it was a nightmare. Not that adulthood was better. She went on living this life till her body could suffer. Her suffering was beautiful but known to few. Her in-laws knew but they never said anything. And whenever she came out of the room, she had a face that pretended to be happy and showed a smile that masked the infinite tears she wanted to show.


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