She works whole day without any unhappiness. Her eyes gleam to look at the beautiful, blue sky. It’s the days that keeps her going on but as soon as she goes home at night, the shining in her eyes vaporizes like water. As she covers herself with the warm sheets, her demons come out and there are thousands of thoughts entering and leaving her mind per second. She thinks about the swings in her granny’s house and the beautiful valley they visited when she was ten. She smiled at the twelve year old girl laughing so badly that her stomach had started hurting. She gazes at the beautiful birds being chased by her dog, Sandy. Oh! How much she miss her. She looks at her old school where she was doing arm wrestling with other guys and winning. She looks at the corner and saw a girl, just sitting there, all alone. She forgot her name but whoever she was, the girl was forever. Then she saw tears in hers and everyone else’s eyes, it was the time for her to leave and go away to another school. Her heart was weeping and tears wet her face. The tissues were not enough for her numerous tear drops. That was the moment she got stronger and raised her walls. That decision of her parents made her who she was. But who was she? She was a heartless, tough, rude, emotionless girl according to everyone but who was she actually? She was the same thirteen year old girl, with same weeping heart who just created stone walls.


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