A Friend

He came a step forward to hug her but she stopped her. She pushed him away, trying to keep some distance between them. She wanted to be with him so much. She wanted to touch him, be embraced by him. She wanted to tell her everything, how she had been, how her life was without him…..the truth. She wanted to know everything about him but she had to stop.

He was engaged, now, to the girl he always loved. She wanted to be happy for him…..to smile but her eyes threw all her efforts into dustbin. Her eyes clearly showed that she wasn’t happy. But he didn’t notice the agony. Just like he didn’t notice the love in her eyes for him. He understood her very well but he never noticed that part of her heart that she wanted to show him so badly.

She was the girl who was his best friend. Who,, he confided all his secrets in but he never heard her. He always talked and talked about his life, his feelings, his emotions but forgot to hear her words. She wanted to tell him so much but she couldn’t. She wished he could understand her love on his own but his happiness had made everything else blurred, even she was blurred.

She pretended to smile but her lips wouldn’t listen to her. She wished it would have been her childhood where everything was so simple. All her relationships would be dealt with, so easily. Why did she grow up? She wished to go back to be the little girl in pigtails dancing at her favourite song like no one was watching. There would be no feelings…..no problems. She was living her life without any complications.

But she had grown up to fall in love with her best friend who was already in love with another girl and now was marrying her.She always wanted to see that look in his eyes for her just the way he had for her crush, fiancé. She looked in his eyes and saw his immense love for her but that love had limits…..it was only as a friend.

She recalled the photo of 9th grade. Both, him and his crush, we ere standing next to each other and he had the biggest smile on his face. He had loved her since forever maybe even more than she loved him. She knew she had to leave, go away from him. She could feel her knees growing weak but leaving now wouldn’t seem good. So she stayed till the ceremony wasn’t over.



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