My eyes were staring at the garden view but my thoughts were somewhere else. The rain drops were disturbing the leaves that had slept by now. They were awake now from their deep sleep. They wanted to go back and resume their dreams but rain refused to let them go. The thunder terrified the resting clouds and now, they were crying. The shade protected me from the huge, tear droplets of clouds but there were many more out there, without any shelter, who cursed this rain. But it was a blessing for the farmers who had starved for some days due to the lack of rain. Rain brought a second chance to live for some people but it also loots the first chance of living for some people. It was such a debatable topic, this rain, but at the same time so senseless. At some places, there are droughts but at the same time some places are flooding. Why can there be equal and sufficient rain everywhere? Well, I guess this is why people say ‘life’s not fair’.


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