When she came out of the hospital, she saw cars moving, people talking, life going on in a very normal way. Her life had stopped but everyone else’s seemed to be going on pretty well.

She wondered if she mattered to anyone or not. Would anyone cry or just be unhappy to find her dead? Maybe her parents would’ve if they were alive but she was sure that she would’ve pushed them away too. But no matter how much she pushed away they still would cry, right?

Her eyes were fixed on the white, snowy, moon. There were so many people looking at this moon. She felt connected to all those people somehow. Her phone rang but she didn’t answer. The only person who called her these days was her assistant for some work thing. Would she be sad if she went away? Nah! She’d probably celebrate with some of her friends.

She had everything she always aspired of but still there was something missing. She was twenty four with one of the highest paying jobs in the world. She had her own house and also, a farm house. She had the most amzing cars and bikes, in short, everything.

But there was a companionship missing. She realized it at the moment when her world was falling apart. She had worked everyday for last five years and had been so busy that she forgot to keep a checklist on her relationships. She gave up everything else and became a workaholic.

“Where are you? I haven’t seen you today at all”, it was her only friend who was still with her through her life’s journey which was going to end soon, according to the doctors. She didn’t text her back and just laid on the hard floor, gazing at the twinkling stars.

Normally, people cried and were filled with sadness at this time but she didn’t feel anything. She just recalled all her memories that her brain had saved even though she tried her best to delete it.

There were her parents, laughing and talking. Then she saw her cousins laughing with her. Then came her friends in school uniform teasing each other. Then he came, the guy because of whom she’d raised her walls and had become the girl she was.

She suddenly remembered why she left all her friends and came to live at a strange country, amidst strange people. She never called or texted her friends back even though she wanted to. Making plans with them would’ve meant making plans with him too and she couldn’t tell them her feelings because she didn’t want to.

She didn’t cry the whole night, just sat and listen to that song in which she had her first dance in, with him. Years had gone by and her heart had healed a bit but whenever these nights came, all the stiches just tore and it bled all over again.

Finally, sleep came slowly but deeply and she saw rainbow and water and mermaids with peter pan and tinker bell, all her favourite characters that she’d stopped watching as soon as she grew up. And she saw her old friends, her childhood fairies and actually smiled after a prolonged period.



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