She sat right next to him. The cold breeze touched her hair and she sneezed. She was cold but she didn’t go inside. If she’d go, this time that was so precious to her would end.

The whole day was nothing but perfect and she had the most amazing time in her life. How couldn’t she? She spent the whole day with him, the person she loved.

She was always confused about her feelings but, today, she was more sure about it than anyone.

The moment she saw him, a storm of feelings entered her body and she knew what those feelings symbolised. She knew that this wasn’t normal. This was different and special.

She was sharing an amzing moment with him, sitting at the cliff. Few days ago, her mind was filled with counfusion but this day gave her all the answers she needed.

She wanted to shout from the cliff and tell everyone about her discovery but most of all she wanted to tell this to the person she was sitting beside.

But she stopped in the midway. Reality set in. She realized that maybe he told her that he didn’t have a crush on her friend anymore but deep inside she knew that if her friend ever calls again, he would answer her call with a huge smile.

Right now, he is just pretending to be over her but in reality he was still standing on the same place where he was yesterday.

For a second, she had decided to tell him everything but she knew better. She understood that her feeling had to be kept a secret that needs to be locked away and its key should be thrown in this river, right now.

And so she buried her feelings that day but they still occured from time to time whenever she saw him but she never let it show.

The birds flew away to their homes and the sun was setting. They sat with utmost silence, holding each other’s hands, water droplets falling from their body and touching the hot, hard ground beneath.

Her eyes were filled with happiness to know that she had lived this moment but sadness reflected her face when she realized that this will soon going to end and he’ll never be able to take a peek at her sea of emotions for him residing at her heart.


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