“Look how much she is eating. She is soon going to be married.”, a remark by her grandmother after seeing her granddaughter eating a bar of chocolate. She got up in anger and left the room, banging the door. “Look at her anger”, grandmother complained to her father.

Her father heard her mother without saying anything. He knew that any word from his mouth against her words would be a sign of disrespect. So, he just heard her grumble with his head faced downwards.

She went outside and sat beside her dog, complaining about her grandmother. She was one of the top businesswoman in her country but all her grandmother cared was about her weight.

She was 26 and soon to be married with a guy whom she had talked for only an hour. The thought of marriage scared her. She always knew that one day she will have to get married with a stranger whom she might never fall in love with just like every girl in her family did. She must have been ready but no matter how much she tried she felt agitated.

Her waist size gave her grandmother nightmares and she knew it. She wasn’t attractive but she had confidence in herself. There was a huge crowd of guys wanting to marry her for money. And her grandmother sorted out this very unfriendly, serious guy who is supposed to ‘keep her happy and satisfied’.

She thought of running away but the disgrace her family would have had to suffer made herself sacrifice all her dreams and follow the path her family is leading her to. She looked at the letter in her hands with teary eyes. It was from one of the leading companies in the world. They had just offered a job as their CEO. She tore that letters into a million pieces and threw them in the dustbin.

Those pieces of the letter laid in the dustbin amidst of all the crap just like the pieces of her heart. She went to her room to got ready for the engagement. The days flew like a feather and soon she was standing there, on the stage at her reception surrounded by all her family members. Beside her stood, a tall, stooping man whom she had started to dislike…..her husband.

After five years, she came home once again to her father crying. He was quite fed up of all this drama. It was the sixth time she had come home. Everyone advised her to adjust but she couldn’t bear anymore, she said it clearly this time to her father. The next day her father called his son-in-law and talked to him. Soon, it was time for her to go back to her house with her husband.

She cried a bundle of tears but it was visible to only her cousin who had seen all the scars on her body. That night became unbearable for her. She wiped her tears, put a bandage around the new scar her husband gave her and left the house of horrors.

She didn’t go back to her father’s house. She went to a friend’s house and the next day she applied for jobs. Soon she was accepted at a good company and she started living her life back to the way she had always lived it…..being a fatso. She was a fatso and she loved it….at least she was confident and independent. Her freedom mattered more that marriage and stability. She would lead her life being single rather than being with a guy who thought he did a courtesy to her by marrying a fat, obese girl like her. p1


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