They laughed on and on about nothing. Their eyes were filled with tears….tears of happiness. They were talking about their old school days…..about the old teachers….about the old friends. Suddenly a sweet silence set in. Both of them were silent, no word was uttered. She was staring at the glass of water kept on the beautiful, black coloured table with white marbles on it and he was looking at the window through which a gentle breeze was flowing. He could see the numerous lights lit in numerous houses.

They both were enjoying the comforting silence. She was wondering about the beautiful moment they were living in. She didn’t want to let it go. She hated change from a long time and didn’t want to be a part of it even though she has accepted it as the first law of nature.

Suddenly, pain started setting in her mind thinking that this evening would end and she would had to let go of this moment. The morning will come and with the morning, his departure will also come.

The agony started increasing thinking about his departure but she was hurt more by the thought that she would miss him so much. She hated being so close with someone. She hated being so emotional and sensitive. She always showed that she was a tom boyish kinda girl who was stone cold but deep inside, she knew, her heart was very sensitive which can be broken easily.

So she had always kept it in a steel container which no one could open. But he had permeated through that steel container mysteriously. She regretted for developing such a close bond with him.

He wasn’t even gone and, yet, she had started missing him. Oh! what would happen when he’ll go away. She pitied herself for missing him so much.

It hurt her just to think about tomorrow. She wondered if he would miss her as much as she did. She had always shown herself to be a very confident person but deep inside she had her insecurities. Her mind went through a million thoughts one after another.

Suddenly a voice resembling his said,”You know I would miss these silly talks with you” and her eyes lit up like a burning candle and although she didn’t ever show her happiness but her eyes said everything.


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