Voice She Didn’t hear

Everyone came to meet her one by one. All her cousins and family were standing near her.

Her uncle came up to meet her. He congratulated the new couple. She smiled even though there was a tornado going on inside her head.

She felt like a slave……who was chained. She wanted to scream….to shout but here she was trying her best to smile….to show that she was happy to be here.

She wanted to weep….to cry….to ask someone for help but she knew that no one would help her.

She knew so many people. There were so many known faces. She had grown up at this palace with these people then how come it felt so strange here? How come her own home felt so strange? How come her own family seemed to be strangers?

But they were strangers, weren’t they? They were pushing her….trying to burn her in this fire. She felt like a leave being burnt so that they could get some warmth.

Suddenly her eyes saw a shadow at the corner of the room. She knew it. How could she not? She had spent her whole life wishing to be that shadow’s need. And now when she had become that need, she wasn’t able to fulfill it.

Her heart was pounding faster and faster. The ‘lubb-dub’ sound she had studied in 8th standard while sitting next to him could be heard in her ears. For a minute second, she felt like her legs were walking on their own taking her to him…..she was letting her heart win over her mind.

She saw her mother’s face and she knew what she had to do. Her mind gained back its control. It was the right thing, at least that’s what her mother had told her.

‘Leave everything and go away’, a voice at the back of her mind said. But suddenly her mind replayed the words her mother said,”This is for your happiness. This is the ethical thing to do. You should always follow the right path.”

So she took a step forward and jumped in the forest of fire, just the way her family wanted to.

And even today, she wonders how her life would have laid ahead of her if she had allowed her heart to take over  her mind. How her circumstances would’ve been if she had done the wrong thing….the unethical thing? Would she be happy or would she regreted the path she took?

At last she convinces her heart that she has done the right thing to take this path but deep inside her head she always knows that she should’ve ran away with that shadow that day.



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