I wonder,

What if we meet each other after a long time? What if we see each other in a mall or a movie theater? Would you greet me or just ignore me like I’m a stranger whom you never met? Would you still be angry at me for that unknown reason? The same reason for which you have stopped talking to me. What if I come and greet you? Would you just  leave that place or greet me back with a smile?

Would you forgive for the mistake I made unknowingly or still resent me? Would you tell me my mistake or just keep quiet like you are doing right now? Would your eyes still show that anger and hatred for me? Would your voice still feel so distant? Or will everything be the same like it was, few months ago?

Truly  I really miss those old days when we used to talk for hours, though I may never show it. I miss the time when we used to share all our feelings. But something came between us. What? I don’t know but whatever it was I think it was quite serious because I don’t think you would stop talking to me for trivial reasons.

I still see you in my dreams. A faded picture appears. You are always running away from me and I try to catch you but suddenly you disappear in that deep forest of lies. I try to find you but I never find an outcome. All my struggles result in vain.

It feels like you are taking a test in which I constantly find myself failing. Is there nothing in the world that will make our friendship go back to the way it was? ’cause it really hurts to see you so far away from me.

There are pictures that come to mind when I go to sleep. Pictures and memories that kills my sleep and makes me an insomniac. I hope you forgive me one day because if ever I would meet you in a mall or a movie theater I would love to hug you and talk for hours with my closest friend.


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      1. Kjempeflotte puter du har fÃ¥tt deg, de passet veldig godt inn :)Hærlig idè med det bjtekreÃre¸t. Kan tenke meg det blir koslig med litt lyslykter i ja :)Sikker pÃ¥ at bildet du har mala kan godt vises – venter i spenning :)Ha ei flott uke!Klem


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