9440550_origIt just ended….

Without any reasons…..without any fight.

I never thought that this ship, too, will sink

I never thought our friendship would end

at least not like this.

You were like a candle in my dark life,

You gave me warmth and light.

You stopped talking to me

everyday I ponder over it and wonder why

So I called you….tried to reach you…but

all my trials resulted in vain

when I finally heard your voice after ages,

it sounded different.

It felt distant….a bit strange.

For the first time….maybe in forever

I felt like I didn’t know you.

I asked you for a reason but you….

you just didn’t answer.

You were a part of me that I had to leave while taking that turn

but there are memories that still accompany me on my journey.

I just hope that this is nothing more than a rough patch

and when I wake up tomorrow all this bitterness would be gone

Till then…..I’m waiting for my dear friend to come back.



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