InteractiveGaze844I could feel your hands in my hands,

So tough and rugged were they.

I could smell your sweet breath,

So close were we.

Your eyes kept staring at me

My eyes wanted to do the same

but I had to look away

as I knew that if,

for just one more second,

I kept my eyes locked in your eyes

I would fall for you……

Fall for someone who could never be mine

So I had to stay away…

to save my broken heart

from breaking once again.

‘Cause I knew very well

that you are a heartbreaker

and will hurt me unknowingly

A million of times.

and every time I’ll get hurt,

I’ll lose an essential part of me

that will create a void in my heart

which can never be filled

no matter how hard one tries,

no matter how hard I try,

That space will be unfilled.



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