Irritating Rory

Rory was my unfortunately my classmate whom I despited. She was as irritating, annoying and infuriating. She asked a lot of things and most of the time didn’t attend classes. Now you must be thinking that I should be happy if she didn’t attend classes but the thing is, she used to call on my phone to ask me about the notes when she didn’t come to school. She was very weak in studies too. She actually had a very weak brain.

I blocked her number a thousand of times but every time she called me with a new number. Not only all the girls were fed up off of her but their mothers were too. She is that annoying!! She constantly disturbed people. She was a headache with no medicine to culminate the pain.

So whenever her phone came, I gave it to my mother. Once her phone came on summer vacations. She had to ask about the homework given in summer vacation. My mother picked it up. She asked if she could come to my house to do the homework with me. I told my mother not to do that. So she told that I have gone to my grandparents and would come after a month.

I actually had to go to my grandparent’s house. We came back home by plane. While coming back, I was seated beside an old, married couple. I was reading my book when they suddenly asked me about my destination. I told her that I was going back home from my grandparent’s house.

But there questions didn’t stop there and they started more about me and asked about my school. I told them the name of my school. “Oh! That’s where my granddaughter studies,” the lady said sipping tea. “You must know her. Which class are you in?,” She asked enthusiastically. “I’m in 9th standard”, I told her in a monotonous tone. I was really bored with her questions. I wanted to read my book in silence. Her constant talking was making my head pain.

But out of respect, I didn’t say anything. “What a coincidence!,” she remarked. “My daughter is in the same standard,” she said with a huge smile.

“Oh!”, I said with a very bored voice. By this time she should’ve realized that I wasn’t interested in answering her questions but she still talked continuously. “Her name is Rory. Do you know her?”, she asked.

Now I understood Rory. It was all a matter of genes. My fate has a very funny way of testing my patience. First Rory then her grandparents. Who could I blame for such a misfortune?

I knew if I said yes, they would ask more questions about this and that. So, I gently denied and said “No, I don’t know her.” But I was wrong. The interrogation didn’t stop there.

The whole flight they continued talking about this and they the time we reached the airport I was literally drained.

The moment I came home a call came. It was Rory. My mother picked it up. She asked if I had reached home. She remembered the date I was coming back!! I was so fed up.

My mother lied to her and said that my trip to my grandparents have been expanded and then I will directly go to Sri Lanka from there for holidays and will come back home after schools will re-open.


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  1. I really feel bad for you. I too had a friend like that and she really was a constant headache. However fortunately last year she moved to a different school. I guess you can talk to her about the fact that you dislike her repetitive calls and actions.

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