Blogger Recognition Award


So first of all, I want to thank you NINAPERDIDO for nominating for this award. Everyone loves when they are given recognition for their work and I want to thank you, NINAPERDIDO , for giving recogniton to my work. I’m so glad that you liked my post. I was really startled to find myself nominated for this award and all thanks goes to you  NINAPERDIDO .

Few years ago, I could never have imagined myself writing a blog or anything. But my English teacher really appreciated my work for an essay that I wrote in my exam and that was the moment when I was inspired to write more. So, I felt like I should start writing blogs to share my thoughts with the world and also to improve my writing skills. I’m working everyday to improve myself and become a better blogger.

My advice to new bloggers are-:

  • Write about the things that you connect with.Let it come from your heart. Don’t write about things that don’t matter you at all….write about things that you really like.
  • Enjoy blogging. Have fun. Enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts with the world. Don’t think about stats and likes….do it because you like it.

And now nominating bloggers. I love the post of following people and enjoy reading it thoroughly. They are-:

So, that’s it. I’m glad that I made this blog. Check out all the nominees….they all are great. Thank you Dear Readers.


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