16649388_850873021732099_5479219387178376002_nThere are some people whom you just wish that somehow they would disappear from your life, there are some moments that you just want to forget, there are some days that you wish would never have been there. At times you just wish that you would have taken some better decisions in your life. Sometimes, when you look back you wish you would have been more sensible and would be less involved with people. You get so involved, you get your expectations so high that it hurts when people don’t live up to them. Sometimes, you start trusting so much that when that trust is broken then your heart just shatters into pieces. With time I understood one thing that the thing that hurts you the most is yourself. You start expecting things from someone and when they let you down you feel heartbroken. So, I’ve stopped expecting things from people. Last year I expected my friends to call me daily, to miss me and they did but just for a while, after some time I just became a memory, a person who once used to be a close friend and truly now I don’t even expect them to wish me happy birthday on my birthday.


When you spend most of the day with some people you are bound to get involved with them and they become your new friends and that’s fine but the thing that hurts is when people in the midst of making new friends, forget their old ones. So my new year resolution is quite simple – don’t let yourself get involved with people. Last year, I spent most of my time with my old friends but now, when I look back, I just wish that I would’ve spent that time making new friends. Life isn’t easy. It’s hard to keep contact with each other when you don’t meet everyday…..I understand it but I feel that if you really want to keep contact with each other then you can.

I don’t understand why things have to change? Why things have to be different? Why can’t they be same as they were before? Why do we have to go out of our comfort zone? I’ve always been reluctant to change. Change is something that has always threatened me but from this year I have planned to welcome it with utmost happiness and a huge smile. Life is like a roller coaster and the ups and downs are never ending but I’ll face them no matter how much hard they are. If your survival depends upon your past then you are pretty much dead. I’m one of those people who lived their lives in their past and hold it but this time I’ll leave it. I’ll let go….let go of all those memories…..all those friendships…..all those years that I’ve spent. Friendships, old memories are just like sand…..the harder you try to hold it, more it will slip from your hand. It’s hard to let go because you give up something that is quite important to you but by giving up, you welcome a new beginning. I’ll appreciate my old friendships but won’t be reluctant to make new ones. I think it’s high time for me to change.6cc2e50905ddbe8485972377ad6811c9-1


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  1. This is so relatable! The people who I thought were my best friends didn’t even keep in touch. We barely even talk anymore. This has made me have such low expectations from people now :/

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  2. Nice piece. Honest and open.
    At some point, we all struggle with unmet expectations. People will disappoint us… Nobody’s perfect. So your decision to embrace change really is courageous because it’s so easy to stay stuck in what we know, even when it’s not working for anyone. Thanks for sharing!

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