angels06mainWith time people change, relations change, friends change but do feelings also change? Does love also change?

I had a dog, brownish Labrador, Sandy. She had been with me since I was a kid. She was really friendly and loved company of others. After some time we brought two black small Dobermans, Cookie and Ginger. They were just a month old when they came. We bought them to guard our farmhouse but as they were too small so we decided to keep them at home for a while.

At first, Ginger and Cookie were really afraid of Sandy as she was quite big and they were very small. But with time, they mingled with each other. They had a bond as special as a bond of mother and her children. Ginger and Cookie had a tendency to fight a lot. They used to fight in such a way that they might kill each other but Sandy used to intervene and stop their fight. She used to lick them as if they were her own babies.

The day came when we had to take Ginger and Cookie to farmhouse. Everyone was sad as they had made such a special place in everyone’s heart but the saddest one was Sandy. After they were gone, she stopped eating. She just used to roam here and there……missing them. It was a tough time for her.

Six months passed. Cookie and Ginger became big dogs from small puppies. They became ferocious, restless and energetic. They didn’t let anyone enter their territory. One day as we were going to farmhouse. Dad said that we should take Sandy with us as it had been quite a while since she had met them.

We took her there. As soon as we entered, they started barking very loudly. Sandy, too, started barking. All of them were chained but if they’d be unchained, surely, they would’ve had a fight in which Sandy might’ve gotten a lot of wounds and scars.

So, I and Sandy went out and had a walk but whenever she used to come near the gate of farmhouse, she used to stop there and stare from a hole in the gate. Even she didn’t used to listen to me and stayed there till the time Cookie and Ginger didn’t come running towards the hole, barking loudly.

After some time, we locked Ginger and Cookie in their dog house and brought Sandy inside. Normally, she is very playful but after coming inside, she just laid on the ground. I could tell, she really missed them a lot.

Cookie and Ginger might’ve forgotten her but she never did. Same happens in our life, we forget our parents but they never forget us. We might forget to call our parents on their birthdays and anniversary but they never forget. We change , our love change but our parent’s love towards us never changes. No matter how many mistakes we make, no matter how rudely we talk and behave they always forgive us. They might get angry at times but at the end of day they always shower us with love and forgiveness. They always be with us through thick and thin. They are always with us, even when we cannot see them, they look and protect us from above. They are the angels, who protect us sacrificing their own happiness. They love us as who we are and always inspire us to strive to be the best. Without them, there is a loneliness that no one can fill. They help us to reach the highest point in life and when we reach there they help us to remember where we came from.


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