Five Years Ago…..

friendship-wallpaper-3dA few days before, I was at the mall with a few friends of mine and I saw a girl standing at the corner. She was tall, short-haired, black eyes. Suddenly, I realized that I knew her. I had seen her somewhere. That girl saw me staring at her. She gave me a warm smile and I recognized her. She came towards me and we started talking. We talked for a while and then I introduced her to my friends. While introducing her to my friends I didn’t knew what to say. She was once my best friend but what now? Who was she? For a while I stared at her. She looked back at me like totally understanding my predicament. She always knew what I was thinking by just looking at my face. Can she do that now too? I ended up introducing her as an old friend.

Meeting her opened a part of me that I’d totally forgotten. A box of emotions were opened that I had locked deep down in my heart. It just seemed like yesterday we were laughing and teasing each other. How fast time changes! I can’t believe we have grown apart so far… far that it took me some time to recognize her face! I remember promising each other that we will always be best friends….always be in contact….etc. But what did we naive kids knew that life would come between us.

First year, we still talked…..I was still the first one to know things about her. Slowly, I got to know things after some people did. After a while, I was the last one to know. After a few years, I just heard things about her through some people and, now, I don’t even hear things about her. My best friend, who once meant the whole world to me, became a stranger. There is nothing but old memories left between us. Is this it? Our promises, our friendship, the love that we had for each other, are they worth nothing? Have they just become a memory?

I never thought of this before. Life keeps me busy but it’s the lonely nights like this when you are laying on your bed and sleep doesn’t come to you…..when you start remembering things, remembering your past, those people whom you once called your best friend. It is nights like this that hurts the most. It’s nights like this when I miss my best friend, when I wish I could catch up with her about the things that we missed. I think she misses me too. Does she? I have no idea but without any doubt I do.

No matter how much time passes by, how much distant we become, how many people we meet and become friends with, she will always have a special place in my life because she was my best friend, five years ago.


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  1. I love that you write your heart out. That is the beauty in writing. Staying true to yourself and pouring your heart out through words. I simply call it journaling. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž


  2. I can totally relate. Sometimes people walk into our lives and leave a huge mark, one you’ll always remember even after they have walked out. Some times, you don’t even remember they were once close to you, you were once really good friends. πŸ™‚ I guess, people walk out of your life so you can make room for others.

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  3. I can totally relate to it. It happens so many times in our lives…I have left behind so many good friends in search of better ones only to realize that the ones I had left behind were the best ones in my life….

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      1. So true…Its very sad too…But by golly, I reunited with my old friends yesterday! I was so surprised when she came and spoke to me, but then, I introduced my friends and she did hers and then it was just like old times!!

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  4. This looks pretty cool. I&2;#178d love to have one. I think that the books and/or kits will make great Christmas gifts for a few ladies on my list. Thanks for the giveaway.


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