Recapturing Memories

When things change……when you and your friends develop some distance……when it is not possible to stay in contact then the only thing we are left with is memories. For me, one of the brightest and closest memory of me and my friends is the birthday party of a dear friend.

On birthdays people bring chocolates and sweets to school and distribute them. My friend brought a four-pound chocolate cake on his birthday. Now cakes are not for eating they are for throwing at each other. So by the end of the twenty-minute break, all our faces were chocolate black, specially the birthday boy’s face. His face and hair was filled with cake. One of our teachers saw us and he took us to our headmistress. While we were going there, we were still laughing… we are really shameless kids.

As soon as our headmistress saw our faces, she started shouting and scolding. Then, she called all of our parents one by one. She asked us to stand at the corner of her office with cake on our faces, so that when our parents would come, they could see our faces. So one by one our parents came. The first one to come was Roshni’s mother and God! She was very furious. She started scolding Roshni and I really felt bad for her but I couldn’t help but laugh. Why does it happen when something serious is going on… can’t help but laugh? I couldn’t laugh but instead I coughed quite a few times.

Like this all our parents came and a discussion started between them. The discussion wasn’t just about the cake fight we had but about everything…..literally…….everything that was going on in the school. They talked about how children bring mobiles and electronic gadgets illegally in the school, how it is destroying the lives of the children now days, how ill mannered children have become and many other things.

Finally, we were asked to wash our faces, take our bags and go home. After going home, many of us got quite a good scolding from our parents. And if they didn’t got it at home, then they got scolding at school. The next day, all the teachers shouted at us one by one. They said this and that and we were just listening with our heads down. At that time I was really furious. I mean yes, fine, we did a mistake we accept it but that doesn’t mean that we have to listen about it for rest of our lives. But then after some days everything was back to normal.

At the end of the day, we had some really great fun and have made many beautiful memories that day which would really be hard to forget.

Now, as we are going on our different paths and leaving each other to make our future, these are the memories that will be left. After some years, when we will have jobs of our own and would be busy in our day to day lives, these small- small things will be the only thing left with us. Maybe, we will be in contact with most of them, few of them or none of them but these sweet, happy memories are forever going to be with us. At times, there will be a gloominess knowing that we can’t relive these golden days but there will be a little bit of happiness knowing that we lived those memories at least once.

Every relationship that we are or have been in teaches us something. All those special people who I have been with, made so many memories with have taught me how to live my life with utmost happiness and fulfillness. These people have made me who I am today and I am glad to have such amazing people in my lives. Now, that my school have changed and I’ve to go to some other school I really miss being with all those special people with whom I’ve spent eleven years of my life. So these memories remind me of my old school and the fun I had.


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    1. Oh yeah….it seems like all of this happened in some other world. It’s definitely a wonder how two years can change you and your friendships so much. Now, these memories are the only thing that remind me that these things actually happened, that we were actually together, that we were once friends and a lot more than that.

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